Friday, September 24, 2010



Here's some links to recent Web Radio shows I've done

with Dread Media, and Stench Radio. Both were enjoyable, and I think you'll get a kick out of them. and

Since putting out my book "Misery Obscura" the interview requests have been flooding in, so I've been busy. Lots of people out there writing books and making Films about the Misfits, and all that, I say good luck to them all.

Spoke to Jerry Only a few weeks ago, he's busy recording a new "Misfits" record out in Colorado

and wanted to know if I had a phone number for John Christ. Seems he wanted him to play some guitar on it.

Well, I have no number for JC, so he won't be on Jerry's New Record.

The Book is selling well, with Limited distibution, and press, thanks mostly to Tom B. and myself.

There's going to be another series of Limited Edition prints from it very soon. Some color photos too! Available thru Generation Records in NYC, so Look out for that.
I'll post links when the time comes.

I am doing more charity work, mostly for animal causes, while I continue to paint, and work on songs for my next Record.

I'm not ignoring all the requests for me to go out and perform the "Kinda Country" songs,

and I will get out there and do so, when the time is right.

All the Best to you all.

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